Invitation Information

What is an Invitational?

An Invitational is a voluntary competition, with no Regional, State or National impact, that provides coaches and students the opportunity to experience a Science Olympiad competition first hand or try events that they normally wouldn't participate in during live competition.

It should be noted that these competitions are hosted voluntarily and are not bound by the rules and by-laws of the National Science Olympiad Committee, however most hosting schools attempt to follow the published rules and competition environment as closely as possible. Some hosted competitions may limit participation strictly to their region while others all "open" registration where anyone can participate.

Invitationals are fun and provide valuable experience for coaches and students to assess team symmetry through to testing designs and prototypes.

Where are they?

Below is a listing of Invitational's by date. If you are hosting an Invitational and would like it posted on the website, please send the relevant information to the State Office and be sure to indicate if you are accepting participants only from your region or if anyone can attend.